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Selling TONS of items - ALL PRICES LOWERED


Lots of new items and reduced prices! Most items are BRAND NEW. Don't like the price? MAKE AN OFFER!

  • Bunny and Bear Hat Scarves
  • Teddy Bear and Sweets Print Fashion Scarves
  • Polka Dot Knee Socks
  • Lolita Notebook
  • Hello Kitty Lunch Box with FREE keychain
  • Sushi Skirt with FREE Sushi Charms
  • Korean Arm Warmers
  • Maid Katysha Headband
  • TONS of purses - bears, pandas, bunnies, funny Engrish sayings, and MORE

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
Feedback here.

Offbrand Red & White Polka Dot Socks: $6 + $2.50 shipping
Purchased these from a user who may have worn them once or twice. I personally bought them for a dress I never ended up buying, so I never wore them. I can't really find any signs of wear/flaws. I don't recommend these for girls with large calves because they wouldn't look great/feel comfortable stretched out too much. They have a little ruffle at the very tops.

Lolita Notebook: $10 + $5.99 shipping
This notebook was purchased at a very upscale mall in Beijing, and was rather pricy. I bought it on a whim because it was so adorable, but I've already graduated college and don't see myself using it! It features a cute girl in a classic lolita outfit against a greenish/blue background along with flowers, a smiling tea cup, candy, a bird, and a squirrel in a top hat with a cane! The cover is SUPER sparkly, but don't worry - it's not glitter, and the sparkles do NOT shed everywhere. There are also a number of sayings on it, including "Happy Day" in big font, and other smaller, rather strange sayings like "cute bean likes ride a bicycle." It has about 100 double-sided lined pages in it, with a spot for "Date" and "Page" in the upper right-hand corners.The cover is removable too, so once you've filled this notebook you can put another one in. It measures roughly 10" by 7 1/4".

Limited White/Pink Rabbit Hat Scarf: $19 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is an incredibly soft white rabbit hat scarf with pink ears. This was purchased at a very special store in Beijing that sold handmade items made by different artists in very limited quantities. They are not mass-produced. This hat is brand new without tags (there actually were no tags, just a price sticker). Only worn once to show you guys how it looks on! It’s wonderful for cold weather, as it covers your head, the back of your neck, and is also a scarf. It even has fluffy little pom poms on it.

Grey Bear/Monkey Hat Scarf with Mittens: $19 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is another hat scarf, although this time it has built-in mittens. You can actually wear a pair of mittens and then put your hands inside the ends of the scarf! This was purchased in Korea. It’s super soft and cute, with button eyes and little round ears. It is brand new without tags. Only worn once to show you guys how it looks on!

Panda Purse Lot! TWO Purses: $18 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is a lot of 2 panda purses. The first purse is a super cute panda handbag with detachable shoulder straps. It is brand new without tags. It has a surprisingly large zip pocket that can easily hold a small cellphone, a roll of money, chapstick, etc.

The second purse is also brand new and never used (tags removed). It was purchased in the panda house at the Beijing zoo while I studied abroad! It has one main, large zip compartment, and features a pom pom on the zipper and a button nose.

Funny Engrish Bear Purse: $25 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is an amusing bag I purchased at an upscale mall in Beijing. It’s meant to say “Time Flies So Fast in Busy Daily Life,” but the “Flies” was turned into “Files!” This purse will make you smile every time you see it. It’s quite large (13.5-14” long and 15” wide) , and features a 3D plush bear face on it. The inside is lined and has a zip pocket. The strap length is adjustable.

Bear Purse: $10 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is a brand new, never used (tags removed) purse purchased while studying abroad. This is a very comfortable, light-weight purse with adorable fuzzy bears on the front. The zippers have cute little puppy charms too! In addition to the main compartment (with a spot for a cell phone), there is a small zip compartment on the back.

Doll Wallet and Keychain: $7 + $3.99 shipping (or $5 with purchase of another item)
For sale is a brand new, never used wallet with a doll keychain attached to it. This was purchased from Korea. Both the doll and wallet are a little over 5 inches tall. The doll keychain can be removed and attached to something else. The wallet also has a loop on it. The glittery bear the doll is holding says "I Love You" on its dress. Super cute!

Green Sushi Skirt/Skirt with FREE SUSHI CHARMS: $15 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is an incredibly unique green sushi skirt/skort worn 2-3 times. It has no stains, tears, rips, etc, and comes from a 100% smoke-free home. The pattern features sushi, a teapot, chopsticks, and Japanese kanji. This was made by JN Apparel New York and is only listed as "petite" on the tag. However, I would guess that it is a size small. The flat measurement of the top band of the skirt is a little over 13.5 inches (compare this to skirts you own) The skirt does not have shirring, and you should not expect it to stretch much. It has a zipper in the back.

The best thing about this skirt is that it's actually a skort - it has a pair of shorts underneath it! That way you don't have to worry about wearing it on a windy day. The skirt also has two cute tiny slits up either side. COMES WITH FOUR FREE, BRAND NEW SUSHI CHARMS!

Korean Arm/Leg Warmers TWO PAIRS: $10 + $4.99 shipping in the US
For sale are two pairs of brand new, never used, tags removed arm/leg warmers from Korea. One pair features a fuzzy heart with bow, while another features a teddy bear riding a bike. Super cute and unique! Many girls in Korea wear these over their coat arms in the fall/winter to keep extra warm.

Maid Lolita Headband: $8 + $3.80 shipping in the US
For sale is a handmade maid headband purchased at an upscale store in Beijing that sold items handmade by a variety of artists. This is NOT a mass-produced item. It is brand new, never worn, tags removed.

Sweet Lolita Scarf: $10 + $3.99 shipping in the US
For sale is a sweet lolita scarf purchased abroad. It is brand new, never used, tags removed. It features a print of sweets, cookies, cakes, bows, ice cream, fruit, etc. The opposite side is a plain pink. Very soft and cute!

Teddy Bear Lolita Scarf: $10 + $4.99 shipping in the US
For sale is a teddy bear scarf purchased abroad. It is brand new, never used, tags removed. It's a very large scarf that's made for cool fall weather.

Hello Kitty Lunch Box: $10 + $5.99 shipping

For sale is a brand new, never used Hello Kitty lunch box. I purchased this to use while I studied abroad...and then accidentally left it at home. It has never had a single piece of food ever placed inside it! Poor thing has sat in storage for about a year now, and since I'm older this isn't the type of lunch box I want to take to work.

It has two zippers and is 9" wide by 8" tall. It also has a little handle to carry it by. It's in perfect shape - no marks, stains, etc. I'll throw in a free Hello Kitty keychain for you!

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